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For only $4.99 you will have access to all our Premium Benefits, and more.

Your journey through Cryptocurrency begins here.

  • Trade Calls (short & long term - what to buy, sell & hold)

  • Technical & Fundamental analysis

  • Access to our active trading community

  • Coin Knowledge: Crypto education

  • I.C.O. (Initial Coin Offering) evaluations

  • On-the-go SIGNALS via our private Telegram App

  • Portfolio building tools

  • Crypto News Feed: Filtered, important news updates

  • Real time updates

  • Free access to OneApp

All of the above is made available to you via your own, bespoke Online Dashboard - accessible anywhere, anytime.

The Dashboard is unique to LupoToro; it is your one-stop Crypto haven, ensuring you are in the best possible position to build your wealth.

+ How does it work?

Our team of analysts work around the clock charting and dissecting the market, searching for the absolute most profitable and stable projects (coins) to invest in. Their findings and results are directly uploaded to your Dashboard.

The core of our Dashboard is designed around making you money. The trade calls provided on the Dashboard are the same trade calls we use as part of our Portfolio Management service, for our high-net-worth Clients.

+ Gain Confidence

Positively leverage your trading game & transition to the next level.

By joining Premium, you have access to a complete package, designed to ensure your journey into Cryptocurrency is smooth, inviting and - most importantly - profitable!

+ Dashboard

Your Online Dashboard is designed for ease of use, anywhere, anytime. Check trade calls or the latest news on the fly. For those of us that can’t afford to spend 12-14 hours per day watching the markets, the Dashboard is your answer. We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

+ Buy, Sell, Hold

Know exactly what to buy, sell & hold, with targets & exist strategies.

  • Fundamental & technical analysis, without the headache of manual research and countless hours charting.

  • Coin & market analysis, along with a consolidated live news feed giving you the most relevant Crypto news.

  • Having your finger on the very pulse of the market, 24/7.

Trade calls which are constantly revised and updated in real time; it has never been easier to enter and exit profitable trades. All trade calls are backed up with the WHY: deep Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

Whether you want short or long term investment options, we have you covered.

OneApp & Premium: Joined

Premium is a dedicated trading program, designed to build your wealth, through Crypto. We do the work, you make the trades and profit: it’s that simple.

OneApp is a dedicated mobile app, designed to be a total finance hub, enabling you to control your finances and reach your goals. Everything money, and more.

When you become Premium, you’ll automatically receive access to our OneApp mobile application, upon release.

For as long as you remain a Premium subscriber, you will have access to the most advanced and complete financial app available.

Premium and OneApp: joined at the hip.

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