Personal Support
Personalised & private support via a dedicated Client Manager.


Fast Settlement
The bulk of trades are settled same-day.


Highly Liquid
Clients across 90 countries and covering a variety of assets.


Fixed Fees
A flat rate per transaction & no withdrawal fees.

LupoToro OTC (Over The Counter) is a boutique service we offer to our Institutional and high-net-worth Clientele.

Our OTC transactions are large trades which occur externally (i.e. not within an exchange platform). We ensure the most efficient and effective OTC Cryptocurrency offering whilst preserving anonymity.

As a trusted intermediary, LupoToro ensure all parties maintain total anonymity in all transactions.

LupoToro OTC

  • Confirm purchases immediately, without waiting on slow bank deposits and fiat exchange times

  • Transactions do not move market price as we utilise off-market transactions

  • LupoToro employ paramount multi-layer security, including cold storage, 3-factor authentication and SSL

  • We trade bank-to-bank, without reliance on USDT (Tether), as we are currently unconvinced of the solvency of USDT and therefore we limit inherent risk for our Clients by trading direct

  • No withdrawal fees and a fixed flat rate

  • Currently, our trading desk focuses on the following assets: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, NXS, NXT, IOTA and NEO - with more to come.

OTC Application Form

Please complete our O.T.C. form and one of our Client Managers will contact you shortly.

Please note that all trades on the LupoToro OTC trading desk start at a minimum of $50,000 AUD.