Everything. Manage Crypto and Stock portfolios, make trades, manage your finances, get loan pre-approvals, hire a broker, download property reports & link with your personal bank accounts, all in one app.

And that is just the beginning.

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One app, two versions.

Both have the same functionality. The only difference? Business incorporates a complete small business management system.

One for everything.

Crypto, Premium

Manage your Cryptocurrency portfolios, on exchange as well as cold storage, in one place. Buy. Sell. Chart.

All features of our Premium Program are included in-App, providing you with the ultimate Crypto experience (yes, even your trade calls come to you via push notifications, direct from Premium!).

Stocks, on the Bell

Trade stocks? See your ASX listed portfolio in-App. Buy, sell and chart using your favourite share trading platform without the need to run multiple trading applications on your device.

Loans, Loans, Loans

Personal loan? Check. Home loan? Check. Instant pre-approval, all in-App, from your chosen Australian institutional provider. In 30 seconds (or less!). Loan? Check!

Bank Accounts

Monitor your bank balances, across multiple Australian bank accounts from multiple institutional providers, all in-App. No more switching to your banking applications to check your holdings. Mobile banking - it’s all here.

PayWave, Please!

Use your mobile device to pay for goods in any store which supports Apple or Android Pay. You can even convert Crypto to dollars, instantly, in-App and to pay for items. Our inbuilt payment system also automatically tracks your expenditure so you never forget where your money went on that big night out!

Linking debit cards and making payments has never been easier.

Connected Services, Super!

Need a broker? Easy. Need property reports? Done. Want to incorporate a Managed Fund into your assets? You got it. Our connected partners & their services can be accessed in-App, as you need them, at discounted (or free!) prices.

Even manage your superannuation!

Budgets, Goals & Rewards🎁

Built-in, detailed expense tracker, helping you budget and save. You can even set goals - that holiday you’ve always wanted? A new MacBook Pro? It has never been easier to set targets, track expenses and achieve your financial goals.

What’s more, get rewarded for your performance. OneApp rewards its subscribers. Movie tickets, free Crypto and much more.

Small Business Management

Exactly what is says on the tin: manage your small business with a full business support centre, in-App.

  • Manage employees

  • Control inventory

  • Generate & download key business reports

  • Income & expense tracking

Tip: Feature only available through OneApp: Business subscription…and your Business subscription is tax deductible!

Make Friends

Join Crypto & Stock Market discussion with like-minded peers and professionals, powered by Discord, all in-App!

Hey, who said finance can’t be fun?

Live News

Get live news & updates relating to Cryptocurrency & the Stock Market right here in-App. Live feeds, consolidated.

No more Google’ing to find that latest article.

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+ Why register interest?

By registering your interest, you will receive early access and added launch bonuses! Get ahead of the queue.

+ Pay with Crypto?

Pay for anything using Crypto with instant Crypto-to-Dollar conversion, done instantly in-App. Currently supporting BTC, ETH, XRP, DASH & XLM.

+ Loans?

We are the only current mobile application which is able to pre-approve a personal or home loan application, within 30 seconds, based on your inputted financial information. Additionally, we can connect you automatically with an approved licensed broker, who will be able to assist you in finalising your loan.

+ Connected services?

Connected Services are our partner network, which you will have direct access to. Need an accountant? Want to join a managed fund? Change Super? Maybe you just want to book a movie for the weekend. Our partner network is extensive, and ever-growing. Connected Services allows you to access everyday needs through OneApp. It's all here.

+ How little?

Little. Your first month is free. Premium is then $4.99 per month, Business is $8.99 per month. That's it!

+ When is the release date?

The App is currently undergoing the final phase of testing before commercial release (stage II of III). Not long now!

+ Already premium?

If you are already part of our Premium Program, you will automatically be granted an access code to download the OneApp, free of charge. No strings attached. So long as you maintain your Premium subscription, you will have access to the App.

+ Business or Premium?

Both versions of OneApp - Premium or Business - are identical, except for the Small Business Manager, which is only included in the Business version. If you run a small business, you'll gain the most benefit from OneApp: Business. The Small Business Manager provides you with a complete business management system. What's more, if you run a business, the cost of the app is tax-deductible. Whether you use Premium or Business, OneApp provides you with the most powerful mobile application in your pocket.

+ Which banks?

From launch, we will support live data-feeds for ANZ, Citibank, Bendigo Bank, ING, Westpac & MLC. More to come.

+ Share trading platforms?

From launch, we will support NAB Trade, ANZ Share Investing (Australia), BT Online Investor & CommSec. Definitely more to come.

+ Superannuation?

From launch, Host Plus (Australia), Rest Industry Super (Australia), Australian Super. Absolutely more to come.

+ Unlisted & non data-fed assets?

The ability to input unlisted stocks, privately held assets and other non-data-fed assets is built into the App.

+ Cold storage Crypto?

We can track that! Simply input your cold-storage holdings, in-App. We support Ledger’s Bluetooth Nano X, too! It’s never been easier.

+ Bank statements?

Easily track your entire financial history and download statements.

+ Security?

We use the same security protocols that banks do. That means Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS), 256-bit password encryption and network-based intrusion detection systems (IDS), powered by the same third-party security providers banks use. This is the reason why so many banks have agreed to provide us with live data-feeds, directly in-App.

+ Rewards?

Get rewarded for using OneApp. Set goals, achieve them, get rewarded. Use the app regularly, get rewarded. We reward our subscribers with exclusive gifts. Movie tickets, electronic goods and even free Crypto - OneApp rewards are exciting and updated weekly.