Alt coins: In our bag

Alt coins are gaining huge traction already in the 2018 year by going mainstream, more than ever.

This lines up with our October and November 2017 predictions that 2018 will see huge influx of outsider cash into alt coins. For all our Clients and Followers who kept up with our updates and subscribed to our programs, congratulations on your DASH, Ethereum, Moneo and Ripple holdings – you would have all profited nicely.

This is something we are now pumping through to our PremiumProgram members for 2018 and onwards. Happy Trading!

Bitcoin: Heading for $8,000 USD

In line with updating all of our PremiumProgram Members two days ago, we wanted to provide a public update: Bitcoin is going to hit around $8,000.00 USD over the next few days, possibly a week or so.

The signals are there and will show more strongly over the next three days as the market retracts.

This is nothing to worry about if you are not day trading. Markets dip and spike, so stay calm.

What we will be doing:

Buying on the dip Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Stellar and more Alt coins.

Happy 2018! Ripple, BTC and more!

Happy 2018 ladies and gentlemen! This is the year of Crypto, so watch this space.

Our Ripple predictions from early February 2017 have come true - we have Ripple taking the place as the second largest coin by market cap and reaching above US $2.00. Congratulations to all of our Clients and Followers!

Tomorrow will be January 3rd, nine years ago, the first block of Bitcoin network was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto! Exciting times. Food for thought: The network fees have dropped a bit recently, too, which is nice.

Happy New Year!


Litecoin Found - As we predicted + Insider Program 2018

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, announced that he had sold all his Litecoins. He said that the main reason for this was a conflict of interests, since his tweets have an acute effect on the price of the Litecoin.

We broke an inkling of this news to our Clients and readers a few months ago. We love to say it - we told you so!

Premium Program: 2018!

Good news for all those Clients and followers looking to join our PremiumProgram - from January 2018, we will be opening up our exclusive PremiumProgram to the public.

By subscribing to our PremiumProgram, you will join an exclusive trading club, receiving the same bespoke trading strategy we use at the current point in time to grow our high net worth Client accounts, to grow our liquidity and business operations.

Yes, it is finally here. We have listened to all of your requests and we have acted accordingly. Get ready to trade like we do, in real time, with full access to every piece of information we have.

What we will be doing:

As the corrections move into the Crypto markets due to the massive rises (also predicted!), Litecoin we will sell off 40% of our Litecoin holdings. Additionally, getting our Insider Program to all of you ASAP! Bring on 2018!

Vitalik Buterin WILL LEAVE ETHEREUM - 2018

For 2018, we are closely watching Ether and are keeping both ears to the floor for news on Vitalik Buterin. We would not be surprised, and our sources are confirming this, that Vitalik Buterin will leave Ethereum in 2018.

Unfortunately, we keep hearing conflict within the Ether project and the way in which Vitalik Buterin is reacting towards the outer crypto population: he is not impressed.

It would be wise to keep a close watch on Ethereum. We predict that it will lose its second place market cap to Ripple shortly, possibly regain its second place right after, but from now on be neck-and-neck with Ripple on spot #2. Stellar will creep up on the top 5 shortly, too.

We predicted Charlie Lee leaving Litecoin months before it happened, and we are close to making that prediction again with Ethereum. In fact, we are 90% certain of it.

What we will be doing:

Keeping a close eye on Ether; values are at ATH right now, and should increase in the short term, but if Vitalik Buterin does in deed leave, we would short sell 60% of our holdings in Ether. Right now, we have cashed out 15%.

Bitcoin: ATH + Futures

As we predicted back in December 2016, Bitcoin is now breaking into $18,000.00 USD territory. To all our Clients with us since we broke the prediction, congratulations!

Be on the lookout for BTC Futures on Wall Street - the other side are trying to get into the Crypto game.

BTC will settle around $15,000.00 USD early January 2018 before continuing on rising throughout the middle and later part of 2018.

What we will be doing:

Watching BTC break $18,000.00 USD, just like we predicted over a year ago. November and December 2017 will be fantastic!

Stellar Lumens - XLM / STR

Stellar Lumens is going to join the majority of Alt coins from late November 2017 into early January 2018 with new ATH's. Word on the grapevine: buy Stellar now at any price before the end of October and HOLD.

What we will be doing:

Buying Stellar Lumens and holding. This rocket will launch.

Ripple: Watch it break $2.70 USD - ATH

Ripple is about to prove it's worth, seriously. We have been predicting a giant Bitcoin and Alt Coin run beginning late November 2017 and well into December 2017 for a long time now - but keep an eye on Ripple.

The price is fairly stable, although it is pointing downwards, but we can see in the graph (below) the stabilisation around the 4600 Satoshi level. That's great, now is the time to BUY BUY BUY. Ripple has a great network and partnerships, so watch it fly within the next few months.

What we will be doing:

Buying Ripple and tripling our current Ripple portfolio. We will sell when it peaks over $2.50 USD towards the very end of December 2017 and very early January 2018. 


OMG: Let's GO

OMG is a great project out of Asia, and we have recommended that our Clients look into this coin.

The coin is being traded around 0.0027BTC level. The resistance line that broke out at 0.002BTC have become support, and the strong support nearer lies on the 0.0025BTC areas. Serious resistance lies at 0.003BTC.

Poloniex exchange has added OMG in recent days, along with CVC and GAS. Poloniex does not add a lot of new coins frequently.

What we will be doing:

Quadrupling our holding in OMG, then selling 45% of our holding during the massive run that we predict in December 2017.


After a long and steady rise since the beginning of 2017 following the adoption of Segwit, Litecoin recently suffered from a correction.

According to the graph (below), we see that we have reached a strong support around the 0.1 BTC area. As reported in our last update to our Clients about the expectation from Litecoin to serve as a hedge of Bitcoin. In the Litecoin – USD graph, the story is completely different. The value maintains stability around $ 40, with slight volatility.


Word on the grapevine is that the founder of Litecoin and upper management are considering two alternatives.

  1. An announcement of a new leadership team, from scratch.

  2. Litecoin founder will retain a back-seat position and liquidate the majority, or all, of his holdings (coins).

We strongly believe that the first option will do more damage to Litecoin, so will very unlikely happen. With that said, we do fully expect the founder of Litecoin to make some sort of announcement toward the end of 2017 (November?). A short period of rise, in line with the huge Bitcoin run we still expect toward the end of November 2017 and December 2017, will pump the Litecoin price up - this is when we will sell.

What will we be doing:

Doubling our Litecoin postion. By the end of 2017, Litecoin values will take off despite major shake-ups with the founder and leadership, the coin will prevail through the end of 2017 and in 2018. We will sell 60% of our Litecoin once it peaks late 2017, after the expected announcement by the founder.



Let us focus on two ICO's - EOS and TEZOS.

EOS: Following our previous market update, the EOS unique ICO had begun its daily funding and there seems to be an extensive hype around it. Every new day offers a limited cap of coins at ICO, and the ICO is expected to take a year long. The project’s market value is over $ 1 billion.

TEZOS: This platform is for smart contracts that competes with Ethereum, which started raising funds on the 1st of July. The ICO has no limited cap and it is still underway, open for investments. This is a completely new blockchain, which offers solutions and innovations in the field of smart contracts.

A tip for beginners: When investigating a crypto, check the coin’s graph, for example, on CoinMarketCap, the default rate displayed is usually USD. It’s always important to compare to the BTC rate, since bitcoin is the base asset for the altcoins.

What we will be doing:

Taking a calculated risk here and investing 5% of our total portfolio net worth into each of these ICO's.

Market Update: The State

Bitcoin corrects its uptrend sharply trading against FIAT. In contrast to the recent significant correction from the end of May, this time the Altcoins do not lose too much of their BTC value. Last week began with a new BTC all-time high close to $3000, following the uptrend from our previous weekly update. But during last days we are experiencing a deep correction that reached its low at $2118, almost loosing third in two days. Support around 2000$ seems to hold and we see stabilisation between $2300-2500 area. The correction was expected after a long way rally. Corrections are signs for a healthy rising market.

The trigger this time is continues discussions over the expected events in Bitcoin in early August. Please note that if there will be fork, all Bitcoins must be transferred from exchanges to a secure wallet. Further estimates and possible impacts – too be updated soon.

Crypto mining is at its peak: designated graphic cards are selling on Amazon at a record price high of 2-3 times their recent price ($600). The world’s inventory is currently sold out, which teaches us about the ongoing hype in the mining market.

What we will be doing:

Stocking up on all of our alt coins today, in most cases doubling our current holdings - especially across coins like Ripple, Waves and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: Japan about to Recognise BITCOIN

We can expect Japan to formally recognise BITCOIN as a LEGITIMATE payment method for the first time within the next 72 hours.

You heard it here first: This huge news will break. I know some Clients want to sell Bitcoin now, but HOLD / HODL! Now is not the time to sell any Bitcoin.

In the United States, word on the grapevine is that Bitcoin is in discussions to have approval for ETF. This is still in the pipeline and regulators are keeping a lid on things tightly, but as soon as our sources can leak something, we will share it here.

The BTC value is breaking records and is currently trading at around $ 1,500.00 USD, new all-time high. Again, we are on track for our predictions made last year - Bitcoin will hit $18,000.00 USD before the end of 2017.

What will we be doing:

As mentioned previously, we are continuously purchasing more Bitcoin for our portfolios - increasing our hold by 50% per month until further notice.


To our Clients who currently use our Packaged Portfolio Service, congratulations on doubling your investment in ICN today!

ICN Iconomi: Iconomi is an investment platform on the Etherium blockchain. The ICO was held in the summer of 2016, and ended up in $ 10 million value invested. Recently, the value has crossed the 0.0006 bitcoin level - which is when we suggested a SELL order is to be placed.

The rise of the bitcoin returned ICN values down to 0.0003-0.0004, a stable area that could be a good entrance price. If you did not sell on time, no problem, ICN is still looking to rise back up and break a new ATH, however we could be waiting until towards the end of 2017 for this.

Fundamentally, Iconomi team had lately announced about a Buybacks program – a revenue sharing program for the fund’s investors. Iconomi’s investment platform is in the beta stage, and we expect positive announcements in the short term regarding it. This is good news for the platform.

What we will be doing:

Holding our remaining stake in ICN until the end of 2017, around December 2017, when we will then sell 50% of our remaining stake.


We recommended buying ZCash Classic recently when it was at the 0.0007 level. Now, it just broke the resistance level at 0.0025 (more than a 400% gain!).

For those that purchased any of our packaged portfolios and followed through on ZCash Classic, congratulations. You have made 400% profit.


DASH: "Hey, we're here!"

DASH: The most marketable coin.

Dash is currently experience overall positive momentum since the beginning of the 2017 year, and this looks to continue through the year well into 2018. Why? From looking at price movements, the stablility of the coin, the team behind Dash and their fundemental goals AND the excess marketing pumping into Dash - we see a strong coin. It helps that the application for Dash coin is useful and not a shill in any way, which is always nice.

So, what do we have here? We have a solid coin, strong team and great marketing. For 2017, the marketing will step up a notch, the technology will improve significantly and we hear on the grapevine that it will break $1,000.00 USD per coin by early January 2018.

What will we be doing:

Buying DASH and tripling our DASH holdings in our portfolios.

Good News Update: Portfolio Packages

We are very pleased to announce that we will be growing our extremely popular Portfolio Packages - 'Speed' and 'Long Term'.

Originally, we offered both portfolio packages in 'Regular' and 'Large' sizes - from the end of March 2017, we will introduce 'Extra Large'. Once released, our Portfolio Product pages will be updated accordingly.

The Extra-Large Portfolio contains 10-14 Coins + critical analysis on those coins, supported by technical findings, research and industry contacts. This diverse portfolio encompasses a range of different Coins, covering all key areas which Blockchain technology is currently being utilised. While this portfolio is very diversified, it still maintains enough elasticity to move fluidly ahead of the market.

As always, our portfolios across both categories - Speed and Long Term - are constantly monitored and updated to ensure that our recommendations are always on point.

Happy Trading!

WAVES: Big things

This is going to be a short one: WAVES, currently sitting at approximately 0.249640 USD with a market cap of around 24.9 million, looks to have a promising run between November 2017 and January 2018.

Based on our analysis and from what our sources provide us, a price prediction of between $12.00 and $15.00 USD per coin can be expected between November 2017 and January 2018. WAVES will be making significant waves from mid 2017 onwards and the trend will close out the year in a powerful way.

What we will be doing:

Investing in WAVES now, quadtroupling our current position.

Bitcoin: 30% Down - SMILE!

Bitcoin is not yet down 30%, but it will be. 30% is very likely, possibly 33% or more over the next few days.

By looking at the market trends and analysing the available information, as well as utilising our Insider Program resources (edit: our Insider Program is not currently available to the public, sorry), Bitcoin will fall shortly.

This is GOOD news - a smart investor would use this opportunity to purchase more coin.

What we will be doing:

Buying this temporary dip. We are still on track for our December 2017 prediction of above $18,000.00 USD. We will cash out 34% of our Bitcoin holdings in December 2017 once it peaks above $18,000.00 USD.

Ethereum & A Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2017 traders!

What is the best way to begin the New Year? A solid Ethereum price prediction!

2017 is the year for Ethereum to break through all previous stoppage points. We have solid price prediction movement, based on our resources and industry sources, to hedge on Ethereum for December 2017 to January 2018.

Yes, that is a little while away - but not in trading. Ethereum will hit a minimum of $1,500.00 USD between December 2017 and January 2018, if not more. That is our minimum price prediction.

Before anyone claims that the market cap will be overvalued and therefore not possible, well, they are forgetting that this is a new and growing market. Therefore, the market cap of coins will be growing. Ethereum will breach the $2,000.00 USD point in 2018 100%, so look for a very late 2017 rise. This will not be a pump, this is breaking new ground and holding position.

What will we be doing:

Buying more Ethereum and doubling our currently position. We will hold until mid January 2018, when we will sell 34%.