To our Clients who currently use our Packaged Portfolio Service, congratulations on doubling your investment in ICN today!

ICN Iconomi: Iconomi is an investment platform on the Etherium blockchain. The ICO was held in the summer of 2016, and ended up in $ 10 million value invested. Recently, the value has crossed the 0.0006 bitcoin level - which is when we suggested a SELL order is to be placed.

The rise of the bitcoin returned ICN values down to 0.0003-0.0004, a stable area that could be a good entrance price. If you did not sell on time, no problem, ICN is still looking to rise back up and break a new ATH, however we could be waiting until towards the end of 2017 for this.

Fundamentally, Iconomi team had lately announced about a Buybacks program – a revenue sharing program for the fund’s investors. Iconomi’s investment platform is in the beta stage, and we expect positive announcements in the short term regarding it. This is good news for the platform.

What we will be doing:

Holding our remaining stake in ICN until the end of 2017, around December 2017, when we will then sell 50% of our remaining stake.