Strong Institutional Investment for Bitcoin

In 2017, financial services company, Morgan Stanley, had a bearish outlook on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as a whole. However, for their 2018 market analysis, they are bullish for the 2018 year, going into 2019, and beyond.

Why the complete change of pace? It could be that Morgan Stanley have privately invested over $400million into Bitcoin and wider Alt-Coin projects, or the fact that they are planning on releasing a derivatives project directly to their Client base. Or both.


It’s important to note that the bank is not actually planning to trade Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies directly but rather to offer Bitcoin swap trading tied to futures contracts. Earlier this year, CEO James Gorman said that a trading desk specializing in derivatives tied to digital assets could be a potential service offered to clients.

Futures are contracts in which the buyer has agreed to purchase an asset at an agreed time and price in the future. The same arrangement stands for the party selling the asset as well. These contracts note both the quality and quantity of the assets that are being traded, standardized, and either require physical delivery of the asset being traded or are settled in cash.

According to Bloomberg, the bank already has the measures in place to offer Bitcoin swap trading, however, it will not officially launch any initiative without first ascertaining the level of institutional client demand and completing a thorough internal approval process.

The takeaway here is that there is very strong Institutional interest in the Crypto space and that is growing at rapid rates, daily. A bullish return is on the horizon.

Bitcoin: 30% Down - SMILE!

Bitcoin is not yet down 30%, but it will be. 30% is very likely, possibly 33% or more over the next few days.

By looking at the market trends and analysing the available information, as well as utilising our Insider Program resources (edit: our Insider Program is not currently available to the public, sorry), Bitcoin will fall shortly.

This is GOOD news - a smart investor would use this opportunity to purchase more coin.

What we will be doing:

Buying this temporary dip. We are still on track for our December 2017 prediction of above $18,000.00 USD. We will cash out 34% of our Bitcoin holdings in December 2017 once it peaks above $18,000.00 USD.

Ripple: Pulse Check

Ripple price is an extremely stable 0.005009 to 0.005900 (USD) throughout the 2016 October month. Market cap should remain around 173,000,000.00 (USD) until further notice. Based on currently analysis of Ripple news and a pulse check on the industry itself, we expect the Ripple price to drop after October and recover to a new all time high (or close to it) by December 2016.

As Ripple continue their establishment groundwork and develop their commercial partnerships, going into 2017 is a safe bet.

What we will be doing:

Buy Ripple now and continuously buy in small packages all the way through to January 2017. By January 2017, top up if funds allow and hold. Expect to sell 50% of all Ripple holdings between December 2017 and January 2018, when Ripple will take the place of second largest coin (by market cap). A price between $2.50 and $3.50 USD is expected per coin.