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One App: Your complete financial app

Welcome to LupoToro’s One App, your complete financial application.

Today we’ve launched an early access option, open to the public, to get early access to our One App. By subscribing, you will get notified the minute One App goes online - and it’s free to sign up for early access!

What is One App?
One App is a complete financial application for mobile devices (phones, tablets & computers) - accessible anywhere, anytime. The core benefits are (but not limited to):

  • Trading Crypto in-app (charting, trade calls, latest newsfeed & more)

  • Built-in Crypto multi-wallet (covering the top 180 currencies)

  • Managing online & offline (cold storage) Crypto portfolios

  • ASX Stock Market trading (charting, trade calls, latest newsfeed & more)

  • Automated data-feeds, directly from your bank accounts (i.e. Westpac) + share trading platforms (i.e. CommSec) + the ability to download bank statements. All your bank accounts and share trading platforms, accessible in one place, on one App

  • PayWave features: Pay directly with fiat ($) or Crypto (with real-time directly crypto-to-fiat conversions), all performed in-App. Pay with your mobile devices, anywhere

  • Budgeting management

  • Management of your retail superannuation fund

  • Portfolio management, including ETF’s and Managed Funds

  • Property research: download property reports and manage your investment properties, all in-App

  • Small business manager: manage your small business, generate financial reports and budgets + employee management

  • Social chat rooms, dedicated to Cryptocurrency discussion and Stock Market discussions, including futures, ETFs, Managed Funds, Bonds and more; a private and supportive community

That’s it? No, there is more! Click here to find out more about our One App and see exactly why this is revolutionary. Never before could you manage your entire net work, across all forms of investment and banking to property and small business, from the convenience of one location. No more switching between apps and websites. Not more remembering multiple passwords. No more lag. It’s all here, in one place, secured so you can manage your wealth like never before.

FREE Bitcoin Call

We don’t normally do this, as this kind of call is reserved for our PremiumProgram members, but to celebrate 2019 we are giving this one away for free - early.

We are bullish on Bitcoin with a target around 4100-4200. You should have anywhere between 4.7% and 5.7% profit within 6 hours of this playing out, then watch it run. Set stop losses accordingly. S.L. marked with red line and dashed arrow. This will play out from the 6th to 7th of January 2019 - so you have PLENTY of time to get ready. Happy profiting!

For reference: remember, this is Crypto. In traditional stocks, 4-5% profit is made over a year, not a few hours. Overall, the market is still bearish, so this kind of profit is solid.

NOTE: On the 7th of January 2019 (Australian time) will be a decider for Bitcoin. We could fall or keep running, but things are getting tight, so take profit and be ready.

Our PremiumProgram members already have a game-plan and are good to go.

If you want to stay ahead of the market and continue to profit no matter what, join Premium today. We provide you with what to buy, when to sell, and what to hold + technical and fundamental analysis, 24/7.

Happy 2019 everyone

2018 Summary & 2019, onwards!

2018: One of the biggest consolidations of Bitcoin in history. We dropped from approximately $20,000 per Bitcoin to as low as $2,800 (depending on which exchange you are looking at).

Guess what: 2019 might not be friendly, either. Sorry guys, but Bitcoin could fall as low as $800 USD per coin in 2019. If that happens, LOAD UP and set your positions. We have strong supports but once we break the $2,800 limit, we fall to $2,000 and then if that level breaks, the next support is $1,200. If that breaks, $800 will arrive shortly.


This is not a bad thing. It is true capitulation.

Right now we have a relief rally and we are on track to hitting $4,500.00 USD per Bitcoin in this relief rally.

What to know when to cash out, what to buy, what to hold, what to sell? Join our PremiumProgram today to set yourselves up and make the most profit in 2019.

2019 will be all about picking the RIGHT projects and the BEST projects to make bigger profits, come the next bull-run. Be sure you know exactly what you are doing. Our PremiumProgram members have made an average profit of 9% per week throughout all of 2018 (from February 2018). Compound that by 48 weeks, that means (on average) our users are 432% up since 1 Feb 2018. Not bad, considering the majority of 2018 has been a bearish market.

We show you the best way to balance a portfolio and trade. It is up to you to take action and make a difference.

For how, Happy New Year, guys