Good News Update: Portfolio Packages

We are very pleased to announce that we will be growing our extremely popular Portfolio Packages - 'Speed' and 'Long Term'.

Originally, we offered both portfolio packages in 'Regular' and 'Large' sizes - from the end of March 2017, we will introduce 'Extra Large'. Once released, our Portfolio Product pages will be updated accordingly.

The Extra-Large Portfolio contains 10-14 Coins + critical analysis on those coins, supported by technical findings, research and industry contacts. This diverse portfolio encompasses a range of different Coins, covering all key areas which Blockchain technology is currently being utilised. While this portfolio is very diversified, it still maintains enough elasticity to move fluidly ahead of the market.

As always, our portfolios across both categories - Speed and Long Term - are constantly monitored and updated to ensure that our recommendations are always on point.

Happy Trading!