DASH: "Hey, we're here!"

DASH: The most marketable coin.

Dash is currently experience overall positive momentum since the beginning of the 2017 year, and this looks to continue through the year well into 2018. Why? From looking at price movements, the stablility of the coin, the team behind Dash and their fundemental goals AND the excess marketing pumping into Dash - we see a strong coin. It helps that the application for Dash coin is useful and not a shill in any way, which is always nice.

So, what do we have here? We have a solid coin, strong team and great marketing. For 2017, the marketing will step up a notch, the technology will improve significantly and we hear on the grapevine that it will break $1,000.00 USD per coin by early January 2018.

What will we be doing:

Buying DASH and tripling our DASH holdings in our portfolios.